On the Death of their Six Year Old

They left their baby in the winter frost.
They will walk into his room tonight
Look at his bed, empty.
His small pillow.
Baseball blankets.
And they will




Tumble blind into each other’s arms
In unthinkable, unspeakable, furious emptiness.

The furious emptiness
The furious defeat
The furious love that is sent out like rockets and land nowhere
Furious silence that implodes with the hungry noise of sorrow
Furious freezing of the heart.

It makes one weak and helpless to even think of them
To think the unthinkable
you must lay prone at the bottom of their hearts
and witness those hearts shatter and fall in flames down upon you,
Grotesque and dangerous
Volcanoes, out of control

Furious and full
Furious and empty
Furious with gentle love.
Grotesque and dangerous in each others arms.

They left their baby in the winter’s frost.

Miriam MacDonald


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