One step forward…

Swiftly after the article on the inquest into Sofia’s death was published, we were contacted by a journalist from The Sunday Telegraph. He had been working on a piece about the drug I had been given during my induction and was hoping we’d be the human face to his story.

The drug, misoprostol, had been mentioned during the inquest, but the focus was always on the lack of monitoring I received. This had always seemed to me to be the reason for Sofia’s death, and I hadn’t really thought about the drugs. Looking back I think there were a couple of reasons for this: I trusted I would be given appropriate medication when the induction procedure was fairly routine, and, in order to cope with the enormity of what happened, I focused solely on Sofia rather than on what happened to me.

So now another floodgate opened. From the journalist we learnt that the drug (made to treat gastric ulcers) isn’t actually licensed in the UK for inductions and should only be used in trial situations. Homerton hospital use it routinely as their induction drug of choice.

We had initially thought the hospital was amazingly open and honest in the very thorough investigation they carried out into Sofia’s death. Other people I talked to were astounded that they hadn’t done the usual closing of ranks to protect each other. But their lengthy report (like the inquest) focused on the monitoring. Was the midwife who failed to monitor me the easy scapegoat and also red herring? Were they gleefully rubbing their hands together because they’d managed to distract us away from their highly questionable usage of misoprostol?

I thought we’d made such progress and now I felt like I was being pulling back to square one.


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