In the spotlight

The day the Sunday Telegraph article came out I was amazed to discover that even before I’d had the chance to check if our article was online, it had been tweeted by people in America.

Roberto had gone off to university and I grabbed the paper on the way to brunch with a dear friend. I wasn’t prepared for the effect it would have on me. Seeing the article online with its small photo of the three of us, taken just after Sofia was pronounced dead, was one thing. To see how large the article was in the newspaper, together with a large close-up of Sofia and I, was a completely different thing.

It took me a few days to start to realise why the article made me feel so uncomfortable. And it wasn’t just the more personal headline in the newspaper (‘My anguish over abortion drug’) represented as a quote that never came from my lips. I felt the media spotlight was wrongly also including me, when it should have been on Sofia.

Up until this moment I’d focused all of my energy on Sofia being the victim. She lost her life afterall. The hospital’s incompetence and neglect meant they didn’t care for HER properly. Now I started to realise I had ignored me in this equation, most probably because it was too much to cope with.


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