In loving memory

Another link I was sent by an American midwife was a foundation site. I started looking at it thinking it had been set up in memory of a newborn whose life was cut tragically short. Whose death probably could have been avoided if misoprostol hadn’t been used.

There were many similarities between the mother and myself; it felt like I was reading about me. Thirties, first baby, perfect pregnancy, planning to give birth as naturally as possible. Almost two weeks overdue so induced and induced with misoprostol.

Again I was shocked to read that not only did the baby girl die, but so did the mother. Both mother and daughter died.

Tatia’s husband would have been expecting to bring a newborn and his wife home. He went home alone. A husband without a wife and a father without a child. I know the emptiness and devastation to lose a child, but to also lose your partner at the same time is incomprehensible.

And I can’t help myself wondering how Roberto would have managed to go on if I had died as well.

December 2001: Tatia Oden French was 32 years old and pregnant with her first child. Her pregnancy had been perfect and uneventful, and she was looking forward to a natural childbirth. Not quite two weeks over due, she was given misoprostol to induce labour. She suffered from hyperstimulation of the uturus and an emergency caesarian was carried out to deliver the also distressed baby girl. Tatia and Zorah both died in the operating room.

The Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation


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