Loosening up and letting go

It’s taken me a while to realise that being rigid in my mind has also meant I’ve been rigid in my body. I’ve always dismissed my lack of flexibility as a sign of my being terribly unfit. I never considered it was my body simply reflecting what was going on in my head.

I’ve practised different types of relaxation techniques since my late teens, but for the first time this week I actually felt the difference. It was a new sensation to feel my head wanting to flop and my body overall feeling so light. This time I actually felt tension and stresses and worries leaving my body. What have I been doing wrong all these years?

I think that in the past I’ve concentrated too much on relaxing. If I was focusing on relaxing a part of my body, I was trying to force it rather than just allow it to happen. I was putting more energy into the part I was trying to relax rather than letting the tension go and just allowing it to release. You can’t force yourself to relax, whether it’s relaxing your mind or your body.

I’m now incorporating my new found ‘letting go’ technique into other physical things. Like enjoying the feeling of release when moving OUT of yoga poses rather than focusing on the feelings in my body while I’m in the poses.

I’m allowing not only my mind to be less rigid, but also my body. And it’s a good feeling.


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