Under the weather

I used to very rarely get colds or anything worse. I felt quite physically strong. Not wonderfully fit, but strong. Over the last two years I seem to have picked up everything going around, one sickness tailing off only for another to kick in. It’s tiring mentally as well as physically to not feel great a lot of the time.

Stress and depression could be a logical culprit; your immune system is so easily affected by them. My therapist suggests on and off that perhaps it’s my body trying to talk to me (and I’ve then wondered if it’s my body trying to SCREAM at me), trying to tell me something. ‘But what’s it saying?’ is my usual response to myself.

While I’m a LOT less depressed now, I also know that I could be more relaxed than I am. I know that. But knowing something is always much easier than changing something.

I’ve had periods since Sofia died when my hair fell out. I’ve had periods when my body was covered in eczema. And I’ve had periods of having one cold after the other. If all of this has been my body telling me to take care of myself and be less stressed, then thanks body, but I already know that and I AM trying to get better.


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