Allowing yourself a fresh start

Easter is a good time to think with hope about starting anew.

Sometimes we end up plodding along, trying without much success to move forward. Sometimes we have to stop trying harder; sometimes trying harder just doesn’t work. Think about a child learning to draw. If she tries harder and harder, filling the page up with more and more colours trying to get her drawing right, it will end up a dark confusing mess. But give her a fresh piece of paper and she can start again, free from the mistakes that were holding her back.

Now is the perfect time to let go of the things that haven’t been working for you, or to stop beating yourself up about something you haven’t gotten around to. A fresh start can give you the positive push you probably need right now to make that good stride forward.

With the weather starting to become warmer and the days becoming a bit longer, it’s easier to focus on a fresh plan or start something new. Be hopeful this Easter weekend and allow yourself to dream new and inspiring dreams.


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