Another family, another tragedy

It makes me incredibly sad to read about other cases where misoprostol has been used with disastrous results.

It also makes me incredibly angry to read medical professionals attempting to come up with reasons why misoprostol shouldn’t be blamed.

Lori Perseke was induced with Cytotec in May 2002. It’s likely she had uterine hyperstimulation which went unnoticed for hours. Her son Wyatt needed immediate ventilation upon being born and didn’t respond well, probably due to many hours of reduced oxygen. It’s likely he suffered hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy during his mum’s labour. Aged a few months, severe brain damage was confirmed and Wyatt was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Wyatt took his first step without help when he was a bit more than two years old. At six and a half he couldn’t talk and drooled excessively. He had difficulty with his balance, with toilet training and with eating. He suffers from ongoing seizures, doesn’t like to be alone and sleeps in his parents’ bed. Wyatt needs intensive therapies as well as full supervision for the rest of his life. He can perhaps ‘look forward’ to working in a “sheltered workshop” when he grows up.

My heart goes out to the Perseke family, who not only have to live with what happened every minute of every day, but who also have struggled for years with the ridiculous circus that is the legal system. The wrangling for a specific number of ‘reasonable’ dollars, when no amount of money will give Wyatt the life he should have had. And the ridiculous and insensitive questioning (why hasn’t Wyatt been getting all the therapy that could help him? BECAUSE HIS PARENTS CAN’T AFFORD IT).

Perseke V Ross, Court of Appeals of Minnesota, filed 6 April 2010


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