Taking charge of your pregnancy

The piece of advice I most give to pregnant women is to ask questions. More specifically, don’t be afraid of asking questions. It’s your body and it’s your baby.

When it comes to taking any kind of medication or undergoing any kind of treatment while you’re pregnant, you need to know and understand the facts. Don’t let your care providers brush you off with vague answers and certainly don’t feel guilty that you’re questioning their judgement. You have the right to know.

The Contrarian Mom has a very good checklist to ensure you know the facts:

* what each of the possible treatments are

* what the medicinal drug is, how it operates and just how much you’ll be given

* how much time it will take to perform and how long its side effects will last

* what function the medication is authorized for

* what negative effects the medicine is anticipated to have upon you and the baby

* exactly what problems are already recorded to occur with the usage of the actual treatment

* how much more frequently the problems happen with this particular medicine instead of other medicines or even no medicines at all

And if you’re still unsure, ask to see the manufacturer’s prescribing information.

We (modern women), have successfully learnt to take charge of many external areas of our lives, like our careers and our life path; we set ourselves very specific goals and strive hard to achieve them. But, we also need to take charge of other sides of ourselves. Whether you’re pregnant now or in the future, please take charge of your pregnancy.


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