Rays of hope

I was unnecessarily stressed before our IVF consultation yesterday; unnecessarily because for me it was just a chat with the consultant. We told her what had happened with Sofia and what has happened since, then she went through our medical notes related to the other fertility treatments we’ve had.

I was surprised (in a good way) that the consultant put very little focus on my age. In fact it was only me mentioning my age. So perhaps it’s just me obsessed with this?

She pointed out all the things in our favour, like all my past tests being fine, Roberto’s too, responding well to fertility drugs and managing to get pregnant through IUI. It was good to have an expert point out these things rather than just focusing on the fact that we haven’t gotten pregnant yet.

Now I’ll have an ORT (ovarian reserve test) and we’ll decide the best course of action from there. I was surprised (especially as now we’re paying privately for treatment) that IVF will be recommended only if my ovarian reserve is borderline; if it’s good or terrible they recommend IUI because they don’t see the point in doing a procedure that’s so invasive.

All in all I came out of the appointment feeling positive and supported, and ready to keep trying.


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