An empathetic ear

I confided in a work colleague who’s also a friend about our first IVF appointment. I’ve shared a lot with her over the years as she’s an incredibly empathetic person who has the ability to know what I need to hear. I’ve also felt honoured to share her intimate ups and downs.

Before I had gotten the chance to tell her about the consultant focusing on all the positives, she said most of them, almost word for word.

When I mentioned my concern about the extra stresses and strains going through IVF may have on Roberto and I, she reminded me how much our relationship had strengthened. That we’d been through one of the worst things life could throw at us, standing by each other and fighting together. Nothing’s going to be as difficult as what we’ve already come up against and everything we’ll face in the future, we’ll face it together.

My friend’s belief and reassurances plus the consultant’s positivity are definitely continuing to fill me with hope.


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