Things I never thought I’d do

How much is a baby’s gravestone? That’s what I’ve spent my morning searching for on the Internet.

As part of our legal action against the hospital, we have to justify all the money we’re asking for. It’s a crude and detached thing to do, and all the while our legal team are comparing our case to others; other traumatic cases but, of course, no two are the same.

We’ve spent months adding things, reducing some and not adding others because they’re not reasonable in the eyes of the law. Now the final thing is to add an approximate cost for a gravestone.

So how much does a gravestone for a baby cost? Well the answer is the same as ‘how long is a piece of string?’ It can be just a headstone or it can have kerbs (in other words be the full length of the grave site). It can include etchings, photos and statues. All of these can be standard or bespoke, in granite or marble, and how many letters do you want and in which colour? It needs a base and the cemetery has a burial ground fee, which of course differs from cemetery to cemetery.

In the end, it seems you can spend as little or as much as want. Now we just wait to see what amount our solicitor thinks is a reasonable amount.

In the natural, logical order of things, parents are not expected to outlive their children. I should not be burying my son, I should not be burying him.” ~ Father (


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