Effective visualisation

I’ve gotten back to using visualisation. In the past I’d used this technique to improve my music performances and much later, leading up to Sofia’s birth, to calm my fears and feel more confident about labour. No doubt it was a normal response for me to stop using visualisation after Sofia died.

But I’ve come back to the technique and am now using it to feel less stressed. I never considered using it as a relaxation method before, just believing it was helping me to improve my performance and boost my confidence. Yet I’ve discovered it relaxes me very quickly and easily.

I visualise myself floating in the sea at a marvellous real beach in my homeland. The water is crystal clear and calm, there’s the slightest of breezes cooling the warm air and I hear the occasional bird cry. As I visualise floating, my body being supported by the water, I feel lighter; the delicate movement of the water in my mind relaxes all my limbs.

A few minutes of initial deep breathing helps my visualisation be more effective more quickly. It’s understandable that the more relaxed I am to start with, the easier it is to relax even more.

I also use a keyword to help trigger or guide my mind and body to the visualisation. I use the name of the beach, but really the word could be anything. It’s very effective, even helping me to enjoy some moments of relaxation while standing up on the train going to work (I allow my body to be swayed by the movement of the train and imagine the swaying movement as waves). Roberto knows my keyword and has said it to me when I’ve seemed stressed.

Visualisation is another tool to help with stress and depression, and it doesn’t have to only be a solitary way to healing.


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