Another baby dies at Homerton Hospital

Lucas Stachursky with his parents (

Seven-month-old Lucas Stachursky died after being given up to twelve times the correct amount of an anti-epileptic drug. Homerton Hospital management seem to be trying to pass responsibility for their massive overdose blaming ‘gaps in the system’ and warning it could happen in other hospitals. But that can’t excuse the fact that the senior registrar involved in the death of Lucas failed two prescribing tests he was forced to later do. And where is this registrar now?

Lucas tragically died in May 2009. The inquest at Poplar’s Coroner’s Court into his death was only a few days ago. I wonder if Lucas’ parents Anna Holzscheiter and Benjamin Stachursky had to fight to get their case heard; why should grieving parents have to wait a year for the law to do their job?

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