The sweet hand of fate

This was such an adorable and romantic story my husband showed me (the article is in Italian), that I wanted to share it with you.

Just a few days before Alex and Donna Voutisinas got married, he was looking through her family photograph album. In one photo, taken twenty years before, he saw a very young Donna at Disney World with her two brothers.

When his eyes drifted to the background of the shot, he recognised someone else in the photograph, someone who had just been passing by as the photo was taken. It was his father! His father was pushing a pram. Alex was inside the pram!

What an amazing coincidence. They were living in two different states (Florida and Canada) at the time and wouldn’t have had any idea that they were so close to the person they would later fall in love with and marry. Certainly a photograph they will no doubt treasure.


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