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Gorgeous baby photography

Looking at Maria Murray’s gorgeous photos of newborns makes me wish Nicholas was still this small! Guaranteed to put a large smile on your face…


Grief is not a mental illness

Grief following the death of a loved one isn’t a mental illness that requires the help of psychiatrists and antidepressants, according to editors of The Lancet, who oppose “medicalizing” an often healing response to overwhelming loss…

“Grief is not an illness; it is more usefully thought of as part of being human and a normal response to the death of a loved one.” … for the majority of the bereaved, “doctors would do better to offer time, compassion, remembrance and empathy, than pills.”

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Go ahead and mention my child,
The one that died, you know.
Don’t worry about hurting me further
The depth of my pain doesn’t show.
Don’t worry about making me cry,
I’m already crying inside.
Help me to heal by releasing
The tears that I try to hide.
I’m hurt when you just keep silent,
Pretending she didn’t exist.
I’d rather you mention my child,
Knowing that she has been missed.
You ask me how I am doing.
I say “pretty good” or “fine”
But healing is something ongoing.
I feel it will take a lifetime.

~ Elizabeth Dent

Four years

To my darling Sofia,

Four years have passed since you drew your last breath.
Four years that seem both like an eternity and only a moment ago.
Four years my arms have ached to hold you, my nose longing for your sweet smell, my ears desperate to hear you cry.
Always my gorgeous baby, in my heart, in my thoughts, in my soul.

Lots of love,
Mummy xxxx