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Why can’t we talk about miscarriages?


Test to predict if caesarean needed

Swedish reseachers have developed a test to predict the likelihood of a mother being unable to deliver vaginally. This could reduce or stop women labouring for extensive lengths of time and then needing an emergency c-section for her own, as well as her baby’s, health.

The test measures the level of lactic acid in the amniotic fluid. Like other muscles, the uterus produces lactic acid when it has to work hard. However, high levels of it actually inhibit contractions.

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Inductions leading to more c-sections

Just been reading a great post by my blogging friend Kelly, referring to a recent Reuter’s article.

The article talks about a U.S. study, published in the Obstetrics & Gynecology journal, of almost 8,000 first-time mothers. The findings showed that those who had a labour induction were twice as likely to have to have a caesarian. The number who were induced was quite shocking too (44%), forty percent of which were elective (difficult to believe).

It’s fundamental that every mother-to-be has all the information they need to make an educated decision as to how they give birth, not just assume her carers have her best interests at heart. If more of us took charge, maybe there would be less unnecessary inductions and caesarians.

‘My morning sickness was so bad I had to have an abortion’

Reading this story in the Metro on my way to work this morning, it was difficult not to react judgementally. It’s impossible to put myself in her shoes when I would go through anything to have a baby. Putting up with even extreme morning sickness for the entire pregnancy would be worth it for me, without a doubt. The woman in the article does seem to have, maybe not regrets but, some sadness about her decision. What are your thoughts?

‘My morning sickness was so bad I had to have an abortion’

A mother has told how she suffered such extreme morning sickness that she chose to have an abortion. Cheryl Harrison made the heartbreaking decision after her condition left her unable to walk or care for her young daughter.
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